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Transmitter Tray

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  • Cozort Spektrum Flight Pad

    Cozort Spektrum Flight Pad

    Relax while flying! These transmitter trays will help relieve stress on your wrist and fingers while flying! Let the tray do the work for you!

    These trays are machined in the USA and will last longer than the plane!

    They fit Spektrum radios. Installation is easy!

    These do not include a neck strap, and you need the neck strap strap with 2 clips.

    The tray has 2 sets of holes for the eye bolts; most transmitters use the outer set.  To install the eye bolts, put the bottom lock nut on until it is flush with the end of the eye bolt then tighten the top lock nut. To mount the radio, set the transmitter on the tray.  Place the spektrum handle bar in the metal handle bar clip on the flight pad.  This will lock your radio in place when pressed up against the eye bolts.  You may need to put a slight bow in the tray.  I push down on the top edge of the tray, and bend it a little.

    • This will fit MOST spektrum radios

    • Handle Bolts on Radio to Metal Back bar on Spektrum:  6 3/4 inches

    • Metal clips with hold your JR / Spectrum Transmitter in place

    • Don't forget the Comfort Neck Strap

    • Weight:  8.5oz (with the hardware) 

    • Width:  7 inches at the edge 

    • Length:  8 inches 

    • Color:  Black checkerboard top, white bottom 

    • Material:  Carbon and Plastic

  • Cozort Comfy Flight Pad Neck Strap

    Cozort Comfy Flight Pad Neck Strap

    This is the best aftermarket strap in the business. With the padding on the neck pad, holding a transmitter tray has never been more comfortable.

    These are the best neck straps you can buy for your transmitter tray!  

    • They have 2 heavy duty metal clips to attach to the tray. 

    • The neck pad is heavily padded for hours of endless flying

    • These are adjustable to fit and height

    • These work with all of our our transmitter trays / flight pads

    • Adjustable from 38 - 56 inches 

    • Padded Heavy Duty and easily removable clips to connect to your transmitter 

    • Fits ALL Flight Pads / Transmitter Trays sold by Air Hobby


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