VR-3 Voltage Regulator

List Price: $22.00
Price: $22.00

The VR-3 is a switch-mode DC regulator.  

It will take high-voltage (5.5V-23V) power from your battery pack and convert it to a consistent safe voltage for your receiver, gyro and or servos.  A selectable jumper allows for either 5V or 6V to power your systems.  

The included instructions describe how to setup the VR-3 very easily!



  • Light Weight: 8g (including wires)
  • Size :43x19x8 mm
  • Output: 5V and 3A or 6V and 3A
  • Input: 5.5V-23V (2.-5S Li-Poly pack/ 5-15 cells NiCd/NiMh )

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